Have a question?     Give us a call toll free.     800-683-1316

Have a question?     Give us a call toll free.     800-683-1316

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Manufacturing and Warranty


Are there harmful chemicals in the foam?

Are there any Latex materials in CouchBeds?

What are the mattress dimensions?

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Is there a warranty?

How do I make a warranty claim?

Comfort and Care


Is the CouchBed comfortable enough to use as my everyday mattress?

Can you feel the seam when you lay on it?

Does the mattress get hot after you lay on it for awhile?

Does the cooling-gel make the mattress feel cold?

Can I use fitted sheets with a CouchBed


How do I clean my CouchBed?

Can I use a heating pad with a CouchBed?

Financing & Payment Options

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Payment Options

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Twin Size         

Dimensions as a mattress                 

10" X 38" X 75"                                  

Dimensions as a couch                     

20" X 29" X 75"


47 Lbs

Full Size

Dimensions as a mattress                 

10" X 53" X 75"                                  

Dimensions as a couch                     

20" X 38" X 75"


63 lbs

Queen Size            

Dimensions as a mattress                 

10" X 60" X 80"                                  

Dimensions as a couch                     

20" X 42" X 80"


72 lbs